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There’s nothing like a shock to get the energy pumping. And 2016 was shocking.

For Match&Fuse, a European network, it strengthened our belief in the positive contribution countries can make to each other. It was the myriad of ideas from musicians of 18 countries that made M&F festivals in London and Toulouse unique, engaging and fun.

The M&F seminar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) entitled, ‘Musicians Change Us’ was truly moving as a panel of ordinary people doing incredible things spoke about their work.

It included Ruth Wilson who runs ‘In Place of War’, composer Nikki Yeoh speaking about her life and Ian Shaw who was working with migrants in Calais. More details. The seminar reminded us to listen, act with humility, stay open-hearted and to laugh – humour is vital in difficult times. And to get into action.

On that point, M&F will be announcing its autumn festivals and activities in the near future. Watch this space…

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Facebook Gallery London 2016
Soccer 96 in Toulouse ©Ami
Ingrid Lukas ©Sarah Houben
SOAS seminar. Photo Sarah Houben
Match&Fuse Picks
Mario Rom's Interzone © Sarah Houben

Review of Match&Fuse London by Tony Dudley-Evans for Jazz Breakfast.

Jazz Breakfast

The energy from Match&Fuse London 2016 has brought light to a dark year (Brexit, Calais jungle, Jo Cox, Syria and we don’t yet know the US Presidential result…). This is one of the 23 acts, Massicot (CH) at our event at New River Studios.