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2017 Festivals

September and October are Match&Fuse months!


Zurich: 28 / 29 / 30 September 2017
The debut of Match&Fuse Zurich is a big party at the renowned Swiss venues of Moods and EXIL as well as Laborbar and Mehrspur Musikklub.

Acts include Lucia Cadotsch’s Speak Low (CH/SE), Soccer96 (UK), Schnellertollermeier (CH) and Øyunn (NO). Me & Mobi already rocked it on the opening night. Not to be missed!

Full line up and ticket details


Marsden Jazz Festival, Match&Fuse night: 7 October
We’ve also got an event in October with a triple bill from UK, France and Belgium.

Full line up and ticket details


Match&Fuse Dublin
This was a Match&Fuse first creating three new ensembles with musicians from different countries. After three days of work they performied the work in Dublin and will play other cities at later dates including Zurich. See Facebook.

The 12 artists included French guitarist Julien Desprez and Norwegian trumpet/electronics artist, Hilde Marie Holsen and clarinettist/ saxophonist Nils Fischer.

Full line up

Worldwide FM

The imaginative music policy and genuine connections being made by the radio station Worldwide FM are right up our street, so we are chuffed to have a monthly Match&Fuse show.

On the last Sunday of every month you can hear DJ Debra playing music that represents the artists we believe in from across Europe.

Match&Fuse August radio show is now ‘On Demand’ with interviews with IOKOI and Tobias Preisig, so have a listen and check the tracklist.

Match&Fuse Festivals

See photos of London 2016

Facebook Gallery London 2016
Me & Mobi at M&F ©cn-photography
Øyunn © Ruben Olsen Laerk
Worldwide FM
Match&Fuse Picks

IOKOI and Aria will be creating an art/music installation at the Laborbar on Friday 29 September, 20:00-22:30 as part of Match&Fuse Zurich.

IOKOI website
Lucia Cadotsch: Slow Hot Wind

ECHO JAZZ Award winner, Lucia Cadotsch and her Speak Low project with Petter Eldh and Otis Sandsjö play at M&F Zürich in September. Here they play ‘Slow Hot Wind’.

M&F Zürich Facebook