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Match&Fuse activity is picking up with plans for the autumn and beyond. Details will be shared later in the summer months.


As previously mentioned we have a monthly show on Worldwide FM and have the chance to represent the European underground that intersperses seeds of improv with beats, post-classical with electro, and jazz with singer-songwriter. It’s all about rockin out…

This month the Match&Fuse show has guest DJ Echo Juliet talking about music, drumming and her day job as Head of Programming for the Cheltenham Jazz Festival!

The Jazz X show continues on Basel’s Radio X on Sunday nights. Once a month it’s presented by our Debra Richards and includes music in the Match&Fuse vein. You can listen back to the May show on Mixcloud with an interview with the band District Five (Intakt Records).

Match&Fuse in Japan 2018

Match&Fuse want to thank the Zürich team who put together M&F Tokyo.
To remind you the key events were:

Way Out West meet Match&Fuse with Colin Vallon Trio

At at the SuperDeluxe club: Art of Solo night with solo performances from Colin Vallon (CH) Tobias Preisig (CH) and Eiko Ishibashi (JP)

Experimental rock night with Guru Host and Afrirampo (JP) and Schnellertollermeier (CH).

Match&Fuse Switzerland/Japan


Marsden Jazz Festival 2019

Plans are afoot and will be announced in the summer. In the meantime check Match&Fuse at Marsden Jazz Festival 2018.

DJ Echo Juliet (left) with M&F's Debra Richards
DJ Echo Juliet (left) with M&F's Debra Richards
Match&Fuse Picks

Free Movements have got a night happening in London. Check the link below for details. Chris Sharkey will be on guitar+electronics, Dave De Rose (Electric Jalaba) on electronic+acoustic drums and Dan Nicholls (Goldie/Squarepusher) on keyboards+modular synth. There’s also a live techno set from Aknight and Hanzo on visuals.

Fall-Out (UK/IT)

Match&Fuse founder Dave Morecroft tours with a new UK-Italian project, Fall-Out.