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2017 Festivals

Happy to announce there are two major events this year. Details will be released over the course of July, but for a taster:

Zurich: 29 / 30 September 2017
The debut of Match&Fuse Zurich will be on 29 / 30 September at the renowned Swiss venues of Moods, EXIL and Laborbar.

Full line up will be dropped over the next weeks but as a teaser…
Øyunn (NO)
Lucia Cadotsch’s Speak Low (CH/SE)
Julien Desprez (FR)
Colin Vallon Trio (CH)

Dublin: 16 September 2017
This is a Match&Fuse first as it will feature musicians from different countries creating new ensembles and music over 3 days before performing the work in Dublin, Zurich and touring the UK and France. Artists will include Kit Downes (UK) and Hilde Holsen (NO).

Dublin gig date is 16 September. More information to follow.


Worldwide FM
The imaginative music policy and genuine connections being made by the radio station Worldwide FM are right up our street, so we are chuffed to announce our monthly Match&Fuse show.

On the last Sunday of every month you can hear DJ Debra playing music that represents the artists we believe in from across Europe.

Match&Fuse June radio show is now ‘On Demand’ so have a listen and check the tracklist.

Previous Festivals

See photos of London 2016

Facebook Gallery London 2016
Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low ©Michael Jungblut
Øyunn © Ruben Olsen Laerk
Worldwide FM
Match&Fuse Picks

Celebrating the next 100 years of jazz in UK and Ireland, #jazz100 is all about getting the word out on the huge mix of music that jazz is today. The scene in the UK is giving out some heat, making this exciting times for musicians and audiences.

Soweto Kinch for #jazz100

The most relevant music has always been linked to its social context. Here Soweto gives his view on how jazz in the UK has been fired up by events over the last five years.

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