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EFG London Jazz Festival 2017

12 November, Rich Mix

Match&Fuse didn’t have an event at LJF this year but our founder, Dave Morecroft sorted an M&F flavoured night at Rich Mix on 12 November with the band he is in – World Service Project, plus Schnellertollermeier and Led Bib. Here is a super review on London Jazz News.

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Zurich: 29 / 30 September 2017
The debut of Match&Fuse Zurich was on 29 / 30 September at the renowned Swiss venues of Moods, EXIL and Laborbar and was a complete blast.

Full line up of 15 acts from 9 countries and details.


Dublin: 16 September 2017
This was a Match&Fuse first featuring musicians from different countries creating new ensembles and music over 3 days before performing the work in Dublin and Zurich. Artists included Hilde Marie Holsen (NO).

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World Service Project
Iokoi ©Joe Sciacca
Match&Fuse Picks

The Thing (NO/SE) play at EFG London Jazz Festival alongside Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne of UK’s LUME who collaborate with Werkstatt Berne (CH). .

Lucia Cadotsch: Slow Hot Wind

ECHO JAZZ Award winner, Lucia Cadotsch and her Speak Low project with Petter Eldh and Otis Sandsjö played at M&F Zürich in September. Here they play ‘Slow Hot Wind’.

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