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Match&Fuse London 2016 Festival

Musicians blew us away…

Incredible music, talent and festival feeling made London 2016 a special experience especially as 86% of the artists had never played London before.

Too many highlights to mention but a heartfelt thank you to all involved including Leila Martial + Valentin Ceccaldi (FR), Susana Santos Silva (PT), Massicot (CH), Soil Collectors (SE), Horse Orchestra (DK), Ingrid Lukas (EE/CH), Ripsaw Catfish, Chris Sharkey, Big Bad Wolf, Galaxians (UK), Skrap (NO), Sheep Got Waxed (LT)…

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Match&Fuse Presents:
EFG London Jazz Festival 2016

Dan Nicholls (Stobes, Squarepusher) was matched with drum-idealist, Julian Sartorius on Nov 11, whilst the following night heard new concepts from Vyamanikal (Kit Downes + Tom Challenger) and piano trio Plaistow.

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Leila Martial + Valentin Ceccaldi © Sarah Houben
Evan Park / Ingrid Lukas
Dan Nicholls plus head torch
Match&Fuse Picks
Mario Rom's Interzone © Sarah Houben

Review of Match&Fuse London by Tony Dudley-Evans for Jazz Breakfast.

Jazz Breakfast

The energy from Match&Fuse London 2016 has brought light to a dark year (Brexit, Calais jungle, Jo Cox, Syria and we don’t yet know the US Presidential result…). This is one of the 23 acts, Massicot (CH) at our event at New River Studios.