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Nothing and Everything…

Match&Fuse is planning its events for the start of 2019, as opposed to the usual autumnal editions. Locations will be in cities in at least three countries (probably) and the festivals will be a combined effort between the partners currently based in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

We may also be doing a night in Yorkshire…and Tokyo.

In the meantime Match&Fuse founder, Dave Morecroft has joined up with the genre-less Chaos Theory to bring you a night of audio oddities on May 11 at New River Studios in London. The Display Team, Magnus Loom and Ms Mercy play, details on Facebook.

Dave is also at the helm of the London launch of World Service Project’s (UK) spanking new album,  ‘Serve’ (Rare Noise Records) at the Cockpit Theatre on May 2. Full UK tour details.

There are a lot of fierce releases around. Kali and Hely both have albums on Ronin Rhythm Records (CH) and Hilde Marie Holsen (NO) will be releasing ‘Lazuli’ (Hubro). Meanwhile, gig-wise will see Zoë McPherson (BE) bringing her audio-visual project to Splice festival on May 12 and Lucia Cadotsch’s Speak Low CH/SE) to Cheltenham Jazz Festival on May 4 alongside Enemy with Kit Downes (UK/SE).


Previous M&F Festivals


Zurich: 29 / 30 September 2017
The debut of Match&Fuse Zurich was on 29 / 30 September at the renowned Swiss venues of Moods, EXIL and Laborbar and was a complete blast.

Full line up of 15 acts from 9 countries and details.


Dublin: 16 September 2017
This was a Match&Fuse first featuring musicians from different countries creating new ensembles and music over 3 days before performing the work in Dublin and Zurich. Artists included Hilde Marie Holsen (NO).

Full details.

See photos of London 2016

Zoë McPherson: String Figures

Lucia Cadotsch's Speak Low and Enemy
Match&Fuse Picks

Leila Martial and Valentin Ceccaldi will play Manchester Jazz Festival in July. This French vocalist and cellist duo caused a stir when they unleashed their music at M&F London and Toulouse in 2016. So worth seeing live.

Mopo’s new album

Mopo (FI) have released their fourth album called, ‘Mopocalypse’. This spirited trio played M&F London 2015 and they are currently touring their shiny new music.