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All roads lead to Tokyo and Marsden (the twinkling gem of the Yorkshire Pennines, Marsden that is).

Marsden Jazz Festival
M&F will present Tåpp (UK) and the Great Harry Hillman (CH) for our night at Marsden.

Rebekah Reid (violin) and Polly Virr (cello) are an edgy duo who use their Tåpp formation to utilise both the mesmerising and unsettling qualities of strings and electronics to find their own personal voice. (See video on right.) ‘The Harrys’ as they are known, are an equally engaging quartet who respect melody, as well as, rocking out. They take bass clarinet/sax with drums, electric guitar and bass to imagine jazz through lenses coloured by alt rock, prog rock and beautiful song-writing. This is a delicious double bill to be caught if you can.

Full details and Tickets.


The dynamic Match&Fuse Zürich team are stretching their hand out to East Asia with a few shows matching Swiss and Japanese artists, as well links to a tour in Korea and China.

Match&Fuse in Japan 2018

Tue 10 October
Abeno Kumin Center, Osaka
Way Out West meet Match&Fuse with Colin Vallon Trio.

Tues 16 October
FREITAG Store, Tokyo
Launch party 18.00-20.00

Wed 17 October
Roppongi, Tokyo, SuperDeluxe club
Art of Solo night with solo performances from Colin Vallon (CH) Tobias Preisig (CH) and Eiko Ishibashi (JP)

Thurs 18 October
Roppongi, Tokyo, SuperDeluxe club
Experimental rock night with Guru Host and Afrirampo (JP) and Schnellertollermeier (CH).

Sun 21 October
SPinniNG MiLL, Sakai
Kansai meets Switzerland with Yoshimoto Yusaku and Fuchigami to Funato (JP) and Schnellertollermeier (CH).

Match&Fuse Switzerland/Japan


Previous M&F Festivals

Zurich: 29 / 30 September 2017
The debut of Match&Fuse Zurich was on 29 / 30 September at the renowned Swiss venues of Moods, EXIL and Laborbar and was a complete blast.

Full line up of 15 acts from 9 countries and details.

Match&Fuse Picks

Fresh from playing Manchester Jazz Festival last month, Beats & Pieces have got a review for their new album Ten, into the Times (UK) and get 4 stars. They tour in October and also play Marsden Jazz festival (13th).

Susana Santos Silva (PT)

You are going to love this. Have a listen to trumpet player Susana Santos Silva (PT) in a live performance of her album released this year, All The Rivers (audio only).