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It is on. All you need to know:

24 January, Neubad in Lucerne 
Hilde Marie Holsen (NO)
Tanche (CH)

29 January, Jazz Baragge in Zürich
Jazz Baragge jam band: Pio Schürmann, Marco Nenniger, Samuel Dühsler
with special guests:
Hilde Marie Holsen (NO)
Robin Jerner (DE)

31 January, Moods in Zürich
Hilde Marie Holsen (NO)
District Five (CH)
Ark Noir (DE/JP)
plus after-party with Baumon Favre Jukebox

1 February, Moods in Zürich
Sun-Mi Hong Quintet (NL/KR/UK/IT)
Gauthier Toux For a Word (CH/FR)
Alarmist (IE)

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Match&Fuse on Worldwide FM plays tracks from a selection of the artists who are performing at this festival, including exclusive music from District Five.

The January edition of Jazz X on Basel’s Radio X is on Sunday 26 January and will also feature a preview of the festival. You can listen back to the May show on Mixcloud that includes an interview with District Five.

Match&Fuse in Japan 2018

Look back to Match&Fuse Tokyo with the solo night featuring
Colin Vallon (CH) Tobias Preisig (CH) and Eiko Ishibashi (JP)

and experimental rock night with Guru Host and Afrirampo (JP) and Schnellertollermeier (CH).

Match&Fuse Picks

Check the We Jazz label based in Helsinki. New album from saxophonist Jonah Parzen-Johnson out in January, called Imagine Giving Up. Details of all releases on Bandcamp.

For A Word (FR/CH)

Gauthier Toux’s project For A Word – new single is out, called Prinzess. Album is out on 31 January.