Many of the musicians we work with are keen to nurture new generations interested in exploring the music we’re passionate about. So, as part of our festival programme we run activities in schools with visiting artists from abroad, as well as, local musicians.
The Match&Fuse education programme is flexible to cater for an institution’s needs.
The Sessions
  • Demonstrations and/or creative, practical workshops
  • One-off sessions or a series (for longer term project or performance at our festival)
  • Stylistically broad with a focus on dynamic and original music
  • Musicians who share a passion for creating strong ensemble identities and innovative artistry
  • Four basic workshop templates: Improvisation, Composition, Soundpainting or Ensemble Coaching.
The Aims
  • Give an honest insight into composing
  • Show in real time how a piece is built, bringing in one instrument at a time, discussing etc
  • For students to experience and experiment with music-making
  • To play students high quality music from outside the mainstream
  • To introduce useful discussions on topics such as ‘life as a professional musician’, ‘what it’s like to play a gig’, the different instruments and how to write music for them.

The sessions are professional but informal and accessible, to stretch the auditory muscles of children and young people, stimulate thought and talk about music in today’s world. They also hope to provide outlets for creativity and inspire children to play music for their own enjoyment. Improvising is natural to children so being able to offer music sessions that veer away from traditional or classical training is a fun challenge. It’s a chance to break through the mystique and misconceptions around music and to instil an appreciation of this ever-evolving art form.

Past workshops have been delivered in London at Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney New School, The Latymer School, Grand Union Youth Orchestra, Stoke Newington School, the Vortex and Rich Mix and in Basingstoke (Anvil Arts Centre), York (The University of York), Oxford (Magdalen College School), France (St. Germain de Calberte Festival) and Oslo (as part of the Match&Fuse festival in 2013).

“The references to composers such as Zappa, Ligeti and Pärt were useful… The fact that most of our students, though in many cases quite experienced performers and eclectic musical listeners, had never heard anything quite like what the bands performed at Latymer, lent the day a sense of adventure and musical liberation. It was well worth organising and I would recommend something similar to other schools if the opportunity arose.”

Dr Jim Harrison, Head of Music, The Latymer School (Edmonton, London)

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