Professional Support
M&F Seminar at SOAS 2016

Match&Fuse hosts seminars with industry professionals during our events. There is always a need for shared knowledge and experience in learning about the business of music so these seminars are open to the public as well as college students and musicians.

The seminars are directed at musicians where topics such as funding can be of interest, and for people looking at involvement in other roles and aspects of the industry from management to promotion. We have also taken part on panels at external seminars such as at 12 Points Festival, the international conference, jazzahead! and EFG London Jazz Festival.

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Panel discussion with:

Ruth Daniel:

Musician and now award-winning activist, co-director of global project In Place of War.

Orphy Robinson:
Original member of the Jazz Warriors and inspiring educator working with Hackney Empire and National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Sarah McLoughlin:

Worked in music before setting up Plan B’s project, Each One Teach One, also working with the skills iniative, Makeversity and is now part of Urban Development.

Nikki Yeoh:

Musician, from touring with Neneh Cherry to her own new album ‘Solo Gemini‘; a free creative spirit and cherished tutor. Album available on iTunes, Amazon, Proper Music.

Heidi Heidelberg | Mauricio Velasierra:

Heidi has lead workshops empowering young women to express themselves through song and composition in UK and India and is part of Bitch ‘n’ Monk with Mauricio, an Anglo-Colombian duo with  who compose with their politics in mind.

Ian Shaw:

Renowned vocalist Ian re-defined by his commitment to migrants in the Calais ‘jungle’, working hard to ensure the safety and re-homing of unaccompanied children through Safe Passage.

Touring Seminar

There is a new initiative to invite delegates from different countries to take place in a ‘touring seminar’ alongside Match&Fuse festivals. This is to enable music-related students and professionals to benefit from the delegates’ knowledge, and for them to network. The delegates invited range from journalists to promotors and arts organisations.

Networking and forging useful connections has always been at the heart of Match&Fuse. We bring together bands from different countries and regions who share a common ground so they can meet new contacts and potential artistic partners.

Being able to make contacts from abroad is recognised as vital for a band’s career and maintaining these can lead to further gigs and collaborations. Supporting artists and helping these connections is a way of strengthening the scenes we cherish.

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