Art & Media
Leafcutter John and Isabel Sörling, painting by Gina Southgate
Photo of Kaja Draksla by Steven Cropper
Kaja Draksler ©Steven Cropper

Match&Fuse are looking to work more with visual artists especially in respect to the context music is performed in, and how it affects the experience of everyone involved. Some of the venues we work in are ideal for installations to ‘turn the heat up’ on an experience.

Photographers such as Steven Cropper of Transient Life and Davide Cardea do a vital job capturing moments that have an artistic life of their own. This enables the music and energy of the acts that perform at our festivals and tours to live on.

Gina Southgate
…A daring and witty proponent of spontaneous action painting…creating live visual accompaniment and documentation of countless gigs in London and beyond…a striking and always entertaining visual counterpoint to the music on stage
– Dan Spicer

Painter Gina Southgate has impacted all of our Match&Fuse festivals in London not only through her finished paintings but by her presence. Her focus and bold expressive work has become a fascinating element for audiences and musicians alike.

Our festivals in the UK have been live streamed by to provide access to Match&Fuse mates across Europe of this mash-up of edgy artists. Their monthly shows with full length performances focus on alternative bands who are creating a buzz. The camera work and direction is to give a sense of being at a live event, with a raw feel, whilst not losing their creative ideas.

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