It’s all in the name. Two or three bands with a similar attitude are ‘matched’ to undergo a tour. During the gigs they perform a set of their own music, then ‘fuse’ – play together for the finale.
Like all the best ideas, these tours came out of a simple question – how can bands get gigs abroad?
Match&Fuse’s founder, Dave Morecroft, wanted to tour with his band, WorldService Project, so he tracked down a band on the same tip and came up with SynKoke from Norway. Both bands secured gigs in their own countries and in September 2011 the first Match&Fuse double bill toured the UK and Norway.
Since then there have been over 20 tours in Europe, you can see some examples below. The aim is to develop this touring network into a cultural movement for original and inventive music, playing wherever people are curious and outward-looking.

Krokofant (NO) + Horse Orchestra (DK) tour with UK acts, Oct 2016

In the lead up to Match&Fuse London, we were proud to take two of our festival bands to play with local acts on a mini UK tour.

25 October, Newcastle: The Black Swan, Jazz NorthEast.

Krokofant (NO), Horse Orchestra (DK) and Archipegalo (UK)

26 October, Birmingham: The Hare and Hounds, Jazzlines.

Krokofant (NO), Horse Orchestra (DK) and Stepmother Jack (UK)

27 October, Bristol: The Cube (curated by Colston Hall).

Krokofant (NO), Horse Orchestra (DK) and Michelson Morely (UK)


Match&Fuse looks forward to more events across the UK next year.

Jazzpospolita (PL) | ReDiviDeR (IE) | Water Boogie System (SE)

Super-human beings from three different countries effortlessly drifted together in a tour of musical beauty and invention, not easy with 12 artists from 3 bands playing together for the final set. The vocals of Karin Verbaan are a light-touch served with Dr Martens and a fierce presence. With William Soovik: drums, Jonathan Albrektson: keys and Viktor Reuter: double bass their ingenuity and depth make for a magic mix.

Polish quartet, Jazzpospolita, live on the knife edge of jazz, post-rock and electronica, but focus on their own originality. Wojtek Oleksiak: drums, Stefan Nowakowski: bass, Michal Załęski: piano/keys and Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer: guitar. ReDiviDeR’s downtown grooves with catchy ideas are based on drummer, Matt Jacobson’s compositions and with the band’s rhythmic creativity of Derek ‘the Rewd Key’ Whyte: bass, Nick Roth: alto sax and Colm O’Hara: broom net (trombone to most) they made this triple bill an über-experience.

November 2015, Sweden

19 Nov: Oceanen Göteborg
20 Nov: Not Quite Fengersfors
21 Nov: Memento Eskilstuna

Tour Archive

Alfie Ryner (FR) | Underdog (IT) 2015

LABtrio (BE) | Laura Jurd’s Dinosaur (UK) 2015

Pulcinella (FR) | Troyka (UK) 2014

Owls Are Not (PL) | Tubax (IT) | WorldService Project (UK) 2013

Nohaybandatrio (IT) | Karokh (NO) 2013

Germanotta Youth (IT) | Ich Bin N!ntendo (NO) 2013