Germanotta Youth (IT) | Ich Bin N!ntendo (NO)

March 2013

A tour of force, this was the matching of two bands working with music as it falls into noise. Energy abounds as Ich Bin N!ntendo take to a stage. Not for the faint-hearted, this trio specialise in improvised Noise (with a capital ‘N’). Ich Bin Christian Winther: guitar/vocals, Magnus Nergaard: bass/vocals and Joakim Heibø: drums.

Speed, repetition, a tidal wave – are a few ways to describe the musical strength of Germanotta Youth. Andrea Basili: drums, Marco Basili: bass and Fabio ‘Reeks’ Recchia: synth/ sampler have an original way to wield their weapons of industrial techno-jazz.


14 March: Big Jack Pub, Nepi
15 March: Sinister Noise, Rome
16 March: Sottoscala 9, Latina