Match&Fuse LondonĀ 2012

The first ever M&F Festival, created after the success of collaborative tours starting with World Service Project (WSP) from the UK and SynKoke (NO) in 2011. It was then the format developed of having sets from each band before ending with all the musicians on stage in a big, old roar-up! This was translated into a festival with collaborations and improvisations at the heart of a celebration of music-making.

The ambitious nature of Match&Fuse’s joint ventures with the brightest, dirtiest young European and Scandinavian bands led to this 2-day free-for-all with 13 bands from 8 countries. It was also the start of a relationship with renowned artist, Gina Southgate who paints live during the sets.

M&F London 2012 also featured a dance/percussion project, performances from local school workshop attendees and the ginormous M&F big band (later the Match&Fuse Eirik Tofte Orchestra), bringing together 18 of the European musicians into a chaotic whole…

Fri 15 June | The Vortex & Gillett Square

Alfie Ryner + WSP + RedivideR (FR/UK/IE)
Neo (IT)
Led Bib (UK)
Owls Are Not What They Seem (PL)

Sat 16 June | The Vortex & Gillett Square

Dancer/Drummer project (EU)
Les Rauchen Verboten (ES)
Pixel (NO)
ReDiviDeR (IE)
Tribraco (IT)
SynKoke (NO)

Sat (continued)

WorldService Project (UK)
Tin Men and the Telephone (NL)
Trio VD (UK)
Tubax (IT)
Match&Fuse Orchestra (EU)