Match&Fuse London 2013
“It’s an energising festival, and a rich smorgasbord of talent.”
– John Lewis, the Guardian

As the advertising went – for anyone who couldn’t make Oslo 2013. London had its own mini-festival. In fact it was decided to hold some sort of festival in the UK every year. Match&Fuse’s musical identity was beginning to clarify, identifying itself as:
“prog jazz acid-fried funk improv post-prog funk rocking punk swagger thrashjazz avant-funk grunge polka disco, skronk bombast and experimental contemporary vaulting, all that and melody too…”

25 June | The Vortex

Kairos Quartet (UK)
Laura Jurd Quartet (UK)
Actuum (FR)
Mopti (NO)

26 June | Rich Mix

Led Bib (UK)
Ay! (IT)
Hot Head Show (UK)
Jazzpospolita (PL)

26 June | The Vortex

Troyka (UK)
Chris Sharkey solo (UK)
Brass Mask (UK)

“…a host of freaky acts from around Europe” – The Guardian (full review)