Match&Fuse Rome 2014

This Italian Eco-Festival extravaganza not only included Match&Fuse’s open-minded music policy but was held in the important alternative centre of the Parco Delle Energie Ex Snia Via Prenestina.

Along with progressive artists from 9 countries there were visual and theatrical additions with video introductions to each band by actress/visual artist, Chiara – guardAMI #1, and the ‘Telephone Monologue’ performed by Claudio Morici and Ivan Talarico.

Thu 5 June

Germanotta Youth (IT): Cyber-math-grindcore
Squartet (IT): jazzcore
Lili Refrain (IT): psychedelia folk blues metal
Underdog  (IT): freak jazz rock

Fri 6 June

The Ex + Roy Paci (NL/IT): post-punk jazz rock
Tubax  (IT): progressive electro funk
PoiL (FR): punk surf noise
Zamilska (PL): electronic techno noise
Merkabah (PL)
Wolfram Trio (NO): jazz improv

Sat 7 June

Water Boogie System (SE): modern stories-music
Acre (IT): free avant-improv
ReDiviDeR (IE): improv jazz-rock
Pulcinella (FR): omnivorous jazz
Už Jsme Doma (CZ): progressive punk
Nohaybandatrio (IT): avant-rock
Hot Head Show (UK): bang-bang music
Special Guest: Tinissima Quartet (IT)
The Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra (EU)