Match&Fuse Dublin 2017

This was a special event created by Match&Fuse Dublin with 12 musicians from six countries coming together for the first time to ‘fuse’ into ensembles and make new music. The three-day residency resolved in a public performance at the dlr Lexicon, Dublin.

In association with the progressive record label, Diatribe, this exploration of the magic and mayhem of bringing together artists, some of whom have previously played Match&Fuse festivals in their own bands, was to make music that is spontaneous and fresh.

Each group was curated to include artists from various countries who complimented each other or ‘matched’. At various dates in the future they will go on to perform at other events including the Match & Fuse Zürich Festival 2017 at the end of September.

Hilde Marie Holsen said of the project, “Amazing, fun & really developing, a real inspiration to play together and talk.”

Julien Desprez | Chris Guilfoyle
Ensemble musicians 

Hilde Marie Holsen (NO) | trumpet/electronics

Julien Desprez (FR) | guitar

Lynn Cassiers (BE) | voice/piano/electronics


Heidi Heidelberg
Ensemble musicians

Brendan Doherty (IE) | drums

Heidi Heidelberg (UK) | guitar/voice

Maxime Delporte (FR) | bass

Nils Fischer (CH) | sax/clarinet

Sam Comerford (IE) | sax


NilsFischer | Anneleen Boehme
Ensemble musicians

Anneleen Boehme (BE) | double bass/voice

Carla Gaudre (FR) | sax

Chris Guilfoyle (IE) | guitar

Noé Tavelli (CH) | drums



With Thanks:

Arts Council Ireland, Bureau Export France, Pro Helvetia, Music Norway, Les Productions du Vendredi, Newpark Music Centre, dlr LexIcon, Aubergine Artist Management, the Flemish Government and Culture Ireland.