SynKoke (NO) | Ni (FR)

August 2012

Ni thrash it out with unapologetic sweat. Luckily their love of doing so is infectious and the live experience is something special. SynKoke from Oslo do the same, but with a touch more Scandinavian sax and keyboard colouring. They are royalty when it comes to ‘monumental støyrock’ so best not to mess with Erik Nerheim, Kurt Andrè Aase, Kristian Notland Harnes, Ole Ådland, Ellen Andrea Wang: bass/vocals. Ni, part-cavalier, part-animal are Anthony Béard: guitar, François Mignot: guitar, Benoit Lecomte: basse and Nicolas Bernollin: drums.


22 Aug: Jimmy Legs, Haugesund
23 Aug: Chagall, Bergen
24 Aug: Samfendet, Trondheim (+ Samuel Jackson Five)
25 Aug: Chateau Neuf, Oslo