Match&Fuse London 2016
Color Dolor ©Ami
Colossal sound”     The Wire

When we announced Match&Fuse Toulouse and London, after Brexit, we said that bringing together musicians from over 15 countries across Europe was a political ‘up yours’ to the obtuse world we found ourselves in. That was before the US elections…

The fight goes on but the musicians that played gave us and audiences the energy to do that. 2 days of music happened in 7 spaces at the Vortex and Cafe Oto in Dalston and New River Studios near Manor House. Acts are listed and our Soundcloud button is below to check their music.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved and the open-minded audiences that came along.

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Fri 28 October  

New River Studios

Sat 29 October  

Café Oto | Oto’s Project Space

Sat (continued)  

The Vortex | Vortex Downstairs

Susana Santos Silva ©Sarah Houben
Soil Collectors ©Steven Cropper
Krokofant ©Steven Cropper

DJ and artist, Sam Lloyd played at Green Rooms on Friday 29 Oct, digging into the depths of afro-beats and new jazz thoughts. Vinyl only. Balamii radio show.

Design duo Bunster+Malyon specialise in theatre and costumes after their training at RADA, but also extend the vision of all forms of live events with set decoration and lighting ideas. This year they collaborated with Match&Fuse along with Miguel and Olga on projection art.

Gina Southgate is a long-time friend of Match&Fuse and the creative music scene in general. As an artist her live paintings during gigs brings an added sense of risk and artistic improvisation. Photographers Steven Cropper, Sarah Houben and Ami all captured a range of beautiful, intense and joyful moments, please check our gallery.

With sincere thanks: