Match&Fuse Zürich 2017
Tim & Puma Mimi
Julien Desprez

This was the launch of the first ever Match&Fuse Zürich! A 3-day festival with a debate, gigs and a late-night party, doing it in proper stylee. Full line ups are below.

Huge thanks to all the musicians and promotors and venues and photographers involved. Once again the risk of putting contemporary improv next to deep electronica and including artists who completely defy definition paid off and it was a real music treat.

A Facebook gallery and videos will be online shortly. London Jazz News review.

Festival details

28 | 29 | 30 September

Venues: Moods | Exil | Labrobar | Mehrspur Musikklub



Mehrspur Musikklub: free event, collect tickets at the venue
16:00-19:00: Discussion

20:30 Lea Maria Fries & Marc Méan (CH)
pure songs

21:30 Me & Mobi (CH/DE)
guerilla piano trio

Fri 29 September

20:00 Tobias Preisig solo (CH)
haunting sonic mayhem

21:00 Schnellertollermeier (CH)
brutal jazz

22:00 Soccer96 (UK)
post-modern psych soul

20:00-22:30 installation & performances
hypnotic electronica

23:00 In Girum (FR)
digital polyrhythms

24:00 Acapulco Redux (FR)
emotive improvisation

Sat 30 September

19:15 The True Harry Nulz (CH/AT/DE)
experimental mash-up of The Great Harry Hillman and Edi Nulz

20:45 Øyunn (NO)
indie spirit

21:45 Match&Fuse Ensemble (IE/FR/UK/CH)
cultural collision

23:00 Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low (CH/SE)
retro-acoustic futurism

23:45 Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low Renditions (CH/SE/DE)
with electro remixing

1:15 Tim & Puma Mimi (CH/JP)
cucumber electro pop

Sat 30 September

18:30 Farvel (SE)
untamed landscape

20:00 Colin Vallon Trio Electric (CH)
magic Rhodes trio

21:00 KALI (CH)
power chamber jazz


Zurich festival

In our usual format there will be 15 acts from 9 countries including recent ECHO Award winner, Lucia Cadotsch with her Speak Low project and Kali, winner of the ZKB Jazzpreis public vote. Øyunn is Siv Øyunn Kjenstad’s alias with herself on drums and vocals, Martin Morland on bass and Christian Balvig on keys. Also performing are Soccer 96, the UK duo who are part of trio Comet is Coming.

French guitarist Julien Desprez and Swedish band Farvel with M&F favourite, Isabel Sörling are all playing as is the tremendous Schnellertollermeier. As a first, we have a Swiss/Japanese collaboration in the form of Tim and Puma Mimi.

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