Match&Fuse Toulouse 2016
Une programmation épique, où psychédélisme, électro et impro définissent de nouveaux modèles de jazz
– Baptiste Ostre, Clutch magazine

Our work connecting audiences and musicians across Europe suddenly feels like a political statement and we were excited to work with our French co-producers, Les Productions du Vendredi, to launch a 3-day festival in Toulouse with 16 acts from 8 countries.

With the music going on until dawn at Mix’Art Myrys and over 2,000 people attending the gigs, this was one of the best parties Match&Fuse has had.

Highlights included Comet is Coming (smashed it), Pixvae (with their Latin energy) and the Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra directed by Florian from Pulcinella. He taught the audience soundpainting techniques so they could join in this proper shared experience.

The Bridge, a unique fusing of French and Chicago-based musicians including the respected reeds player, Mwata Bowden, returned to Match&Fuse after their successful encounter in 2015. And so did Leafcutter John (UK) who struck up a magical collaboration with Isabel Sörling (SE) in London 2015. Full line up information below.

See London Festival line up 28 | 29 October

Thu 29 September

La Fabrique (CIAM) | Free gig

12h30 Alarmist (IE): math rock


La Pause Musicale | Free gig

12h30 Leila Martial et Valentin Ceccaldi (FR): jazz sur le fil


Le Taquin | 8€ /10 €


Habemus Tam Tam (FR): cinematic jazz

Baaba (PL): avant-garde electronica pop

The Comet Is Coming (UK): apocalyptic space funk

Fri 30 September

Salle Le CAP (Université Paul Sabatier)

Free (students) / 5€ (non-students)


WorldService Project (UK): post-punk jazz

Pixvae (FR-COL): Latin core

Soccer 96 (UK): drum assault vs electro synths

Sat 1 October

Mix’Art Myrys | Donation required


The Bridge #4 (FR/USA): jazz vs noise

Plaistow (CH): acoustic idm

Høst’chestra (FR): orchestral post-rock

Parquet (FR): 8-bit noise techno

Strobes (UK): mathrobeat

Leafcutter John + Isabel Sörling (UK/SE): special collaboration with vocal/digital beats

Alfie Ryner (FR): jazz trash

Tanidual (FR): abstract hip-hop


Match&Fuse Tour

Wednesday 28 September | Toulouse
(co-production with Rock In Opposition Festival)
Médiathèque José Cabanis: 6pm (free/gratuit) Stabat Akish (FR)

Thursday 29 September | Paris
Centre Barbara Fleury Goutte d’Or: Strobes (UK) + Snap (FR)

Thursday 29 September | Lyon
Le Périscope: WorldService Project (UK) + Poil (FR)

Friday 30 September | Nantes
Le Pannonica: Strobes (UK) + Grunes Ravagen (feat. Richard Pinhas, FR)

Saturday 1 October | Tours
Le Petit Faucheux: Alarmist (IE) + Pixvae (FR)

With Thanks:

Citizen Jazz, Mix’Art Myrys, Wahwah UPS, CIAM, La Pause Musicale, Un Pavé dans le Jazz, Freddy Morezon, Music’Halle, Jazz News, Clutch, Mairie de Toulouse, ADAMI, SACEM